You are going to love this one…They say that paranoia runs deep.

A susoicious box chained to a pole in the Finacial Distict of Boston Mass, was blown up by local police, Wednesday 28th of February.

It was a traffic box set there by the Department of Transportation.

I read somewhere…that the Boston Police get $50 an hour…for the first 4 hours of work and then if they are even over 3 minutes…they get paid for all day. Now I know why. I don’t think I would want to be a policeman in Boston right now!

Hopefully this link will get you there:


While later that night…


Three Stabbing Victims Rush to Cambridge Mall for Help
Three people were stabbed Wednesday night in Cambridge. The victims raced to the CambridgeSide Galleria for help.
It has been reported that 6 people where in on this stabbing…

Lets see 9 people in a stabbing incident and one lowly, innocent traffic counter…I can see the danger!