Self-Help Books — Do They Help?
On the Today show this morning, I spoke with one of the teachers of The Secret, the wildly selling book and DVD that has reached number one on the New York Times Best Sellers List….these are the words of Gail Saltz…{she is not the saltz of the earth!!!}

This starts the witings of a woman who, I am sorry to say, has lost her soul… go to…

It further states….

But some self-help books promote ideas that are not only not helpful — they are potentially damaging. The Secret is, according to the author and the contributing teachers, “the law of attraction” which they say means that your mind sends out vibrations that will attract like vibrations. In other words, if you think it, you will get it.

The book uses scientific words like energy, vibrations, magnetic fields, and the “expertise” of quantum physicists to state that there is a scientific basis for this idea. There is no scientific data to support the idea that ones mind can send out a vibration which will bring an external object to you or affect another person or affect a future event all by itself. This is rather the author’s idea, belief and wish. Actually, it may be many peoples’ wish. But by stating it as scientific fact and as a secret that will absolutely bring you success if you do it correctly, it is not only a misrepresentation — it could be harmful.
MY reply was…

Thanks for the laughs you gave ME today…honesty you really cracked me up! As I am thinking…that you have thoroughly messed up with your non motivational nonsense today!

Then…when I got to your site…I see that you promote pharmaceuticals & then I better understood you! You are in with the medicine, pill pushing, dope your children & your self up…instead of being positive within, you want us to become cows and zombies…what a pompous, little twit you are! You are proof that an education doesn’t give you good sense or common logic…think before you speak, lady!

I see hundreds of posts [everywhere] blasting you for what you said but no one backing you up! Not even your own profession.

THE MIND IS A HORRIBLE THING TO WASTE…it looks like you have wasted yours…as yours is a closed vehicle!
Why don’t you look up FAITH, even blind faith, BELIEF or LOVE. Positive thought fuels all of these. Open your eyes & mind!

Smiles & world peace,
Sharon Sutley

PERHAPS… I should have not used the TWIT word…but it was the only one that came to mind that was with in the bounds of polite society!

Perhaps you should go there and see what others are saying…I DID!

Ps…look at the negative body language…very closed off…need I say more????