Today I went on a “Wild Toad Ride” with a girl friend…and her two children!

Now that was an adventure…we went to Jacksonville Florida which is about 1.5 hours drive each way, from our starting point.

We got back 6.5 hours later and didn’t stop for food or bathroom breaks…now don’t get me wrong I did squeeze one bathroom break in there! LOL

So, if you are doing the math…3 hour trip…which became a 6.5 hour trip…you probably have figured out…that it was the blonde leading the blonde!

We did get lost a few times…BUT we where listening to some great motivational tapes!

HOWEVER, unlike men we stopped for directions. Four times, if I can remember correctly. I still can’t figure out why the air conditioning man on top of a very low gas station wouldn’t answer our pleas of “hey, you on the roof…Hey Mister…we need directions…can you helpppppppp us????” LOL

…between the Old McDonald had a farm songs…the 100 bottles of choclate milk on the wall song and 4 chapters of the book “Think and Grow Rich” …which the children fell asleep on…so there is a good lesson parents…you want those kids out like a light…read adult educational or self improvement books to them and sub conciously they will learn something valuable and not even know it!

Well, I drove there and she drove back…thru the rain going 70 miles an hour…hense the reason…I call it the “Wild Toad Ride.” Thank goodness she is a good driver. I only had 3 mild heart attackes and I did offer to replace the front floor board that/where I pushed thru to the asphault…thinking there was a break down there.

Actually I had a good time and was able to see a good friend. BUT, now I know why Gods’ grand plan did not include me having children…I just don’t have the energy or the patience!

Mothers out there in the world, I SALUTE YOU…you are a better person then I could ever hope to be! I give you my respect on this one!

My suggestion is…children or not…never turn down a “Wild Toad Ride!” Momments and laughter with a friend, can never be replaced or equaled!