Many companies are seeing the value of Baby Boomers…finally we are out of the youth oreinted ads and into our own rights of passage.

We are the largest group of consumers out there in “spend city.”

One of the companies that I like, that is targetting the Baby Boomers is “Dove.”

Now if you are like me…you probably intantly thought Dove Chololates! LOL

Well, you couldn’t be farther form thr true it is “Dove”! That’s right Dove with the soaps , cleanizers, hair products, anti aging and hygene products!

I would like you to go to their web site and check out their “pro~age” campaign.

And for doing so…you get to pick from their products…a sample of one of thier Dove products! Isn’t that great…! I love free samples! Don’t you???

I endorse Dove for their ability to see that we are a viable consumer group…for seeing the beauty with in us and for their great products…

I have always enjoyed their products…and will continue to use Dove.

This is networking at it’s best folks…I will tell you more about net working as we go along and get to know each other more.

I hope you are enjoying my writing as I have enjoyed you visiting my blog/web page. I welcome your views and imput.

Smiles and world peace,