It is becoming more and more prevalent Baby Boomers are getting other jobs to prepare for retirement, to make ends meet or to break a way and to “think outside the BOX.”

Baby Boomers now know that in order to make serious money…you will never make it working for the “man”. so to speak! Here are some tips that are very insightful if you are in the process of doing just that! Or if you have a business already and just need assistance.

The challenge to get new customers for a home business owner is a big one. Financial constraints, time, and family are just a few of the things that can impact your ability to make money.

Here are some simple but effective ways to grab some new customers and to get people coming to you to do business.

1. Give away something for free. Yes, this is an old one but it works. The goal here is to be creative and thrifty in what you decide to give away. It doesn’t have to be perceived as having great value. It can be fun and amusing, or maybe just informative. If you go to a local trade show, you will get some good ideas of items that can be given away for little to no cost. Also, check out promotional gift shops and websites like http://www.bigfrey.com for suggestions.

2. If you are doing a mailing, put something bulky inside the envelope. It has been proven that consumers are far more likely to open it because they are curious as to what may be inside. You can try anything from a piece of candy to an inexpensive pencil. Discuss some possibilities with family members and see what you can come up with to use.

3. Get a static cling or magnetic sign for your car. If you haven’t already been using these methods, you are missing the boat. People have literally been flagged down on the open road and asked for business cards based on seeing a one or two line sign in the rear window. Click Here To Find Out How to Get One

4. Which brings us to tip #4…business cards. As simple as that may sound, there are tons of home business owners that don’t have business cards. You don’t have to get anything fancy if you can’t afford it. However, try to stay away from cheesy self made cards if at all possible. You can actually pick up some very nice “Free” business cards at http://www.vistaprint.com . They might charge you a small fee for shipping.

5. Here’s a fun tip but one that is proven to work. If you live in a community where pets (especially dogs, but monkeys work better) are a big thing, try putting a t-shirt on your dog with an ad about your company or product. Needless to say, you would have to walk your dog in order for this strategy to work. Check with your dog first because some of them hate this, and make sure that you have some business cards or flyers available to hand out to potential customers.

Marketing your home based business can be a huge task at times but it can also be a fun one if you maintain the right attitude. The key is to sit down and come up with some effective methods of promotion that will not eat up all of your time and money.

By E. Kinton, Jr.

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