Does your pet bird smell???

I don’t mean does your pet bird stink…after all who goes around smelling thier pet birds…please tell me that there aren’t any pet bird sniffers out there!?!?!?!

I recently rescued a parakeet [now named Sky, since he is blue] and two finches I call Lucy and Ricky. Not very original…but Lucille Ball was my cousin and they are so cute together…

When I bring the mullet seed to the cage, still in the bag…Sky the parakeet goes bonkers…

I wasn’t aware that parakeets had such a fine sense of smell.

I still can’t get the movie “BIRDS” out of my mind when I look at them >>.

Alfred Hitchcock was great, wasn’t he??? DO you think he had a PET BIRD??? LOL
Wonder if it was a voluture???