362016162_a6b38d3f831.jpg362016162_a6b38d3f83.jpg362016162_a6b38d3f83.jpgWell it looks Like Hilary is going to throw her panties in the race for the President of the U.S.. I seem to remember her saying that she wasn’t going to run…I also seem to remember her saying that she had NO idea that good old Bill was doing the horizontal in the Oval…However. this is NOT what the secret service men said!

It is so hard to believe anything about anyone, runing for office, since there is so much dirt throwing going on…reminds me of a school yard!

I am surprised that they don’t have Rice running against her…

Well BLOG fans what do you think…Is Hilary honest enough to be in the White House?

Would Rice give her a run for the money…

Just a thought as I sit here and think about the power suit that Hilary had on the other day when the Bush gave his speech. I must say she looked good…I wish I went to her spa!

I welcome your comments….