Yes it is that time of the year when sweethearts are supposed to show their love and admiration thru gifts cards and thoughtful gestures.

NOW guys, I am here to tell you that you might not have a clue as to what to get your friends, lovers, wives or significant other for Valentines Day.
BUT don’t start wringing your hands and getting your tidie whities in a wad..I am here to help you…

Now DO NOT get her chocolates as a Valentine, if she is trying to diet…you might get hit over the head with that Valentine! LOL And you would deserve it…at least make sure they are sugar free chocolates! Or take the time out to make her a Veggie Valentine {if you plan ahead you can have your local market do this for you…give them the chocolates…replace with veggies} with a note that says how proud you are of her and how much you love every inch of her. And a big box…trust ME when I tell you that we all brag on what we got for Valentines Day!

And Flowers…come on you can think better than that! You might as well be getting her poison ivy…what a thoughtful Valentine she will say…while in her mind she is thinking roses again! Gee that took a lot of thought.

Get a couple boxes of children’s Valentines and give out to the office or carry them around in your pocket and give them to people who look like they are having a bad day…or to the girl who waits on you every day at lunch, the hairdress, the butcher, the security guard or doorman, the newapaper boy…get the idea…spread that love around!

So those of you who need some help, I am here to offer MY assistance! FREE of charge! Aren’t I a real Sweetheart!?!?!?
I will tell you just what to go and get her or tell the Secretary what to get her.

And don’t forget the secretary! She is your right hand by the way…now she might want flowers for her desk…that would be a great Valentine for her as it would show her that you appreciate her the year round and the rest of the office as well!

Now for the women that doesn’t know what Valentine to get her sweetheart…I always say if you don’t know what to get him…get HIM something for YOU! A red teddy or some sexy lingerie. Perfume that drives him crazy…with a tie…that’s right a tie…as it will be the only two things that you will be wearing when he comes home. It gives a new definition to the term…what another tie!?!?!?! Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman??

There are all kinds of Valentines…but guys…remember to get a card! And a cyber Valentine card will not be enough! More is better!

Now personally, I think every day should be VALENTINES Day! But do make this day special. Hide a love note in their sandwich or wallet…attached one to their speed pass card or steering wheel, attached to the gas cap and ask him to fill the tank up for you, attached to his/her blood pressure medicine asking him/her to live forever for you, as he/she is your dearest and forever Valentine and Sweetheart.

Further down in MY blog there is an article about cards where you can pick out the correct special Valentine, have them sent for you, pictures added and you can do it ALL on line…so there is NO excuse not to send a Valentine…!!!!!! There is a hyper link to that site! Check it out it will make your life easier!

And if they say “I don’t want anything”…DO NOT believe then…we all want to be loved and adored.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you Sweethearts out there.
PS…don’t send me any stinking flowers! LOL

Hearts, smiles and world peace,
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