I don’t know how many of your out there HATE spiders, but I do…I have no intention to have my house look like Mortissa’s on the Munster’s!

I am sure that they serve their purpose in the scheme of Nature…and I can only imagine how many million of bugs they eat a year…and what a wonderful thing a spiders web is…until you walk into one, in the middle of the night and you get it all over your face and don’t know if the spider was still in it when you walked into it…and if he is on your face or in your hair!

It is my firm belief that they are the intergalactic roach! I mean it…have you ever seem anything like a spider here? The only bug or insect that even comes close to a spider is a scorpion and who is to say where those nasty creatures are from!?!?! Who is to say that a spider didn’t escaped off an UFO {yes, I think UFO’s are out there and we are not the only intelligent form of life around!}. I just bet… especially since Cape Canaveral is in Florida…that there are roaches on the moon now or any other planet we have stopped to stick our flag in! A big, old, fat, juicy, nasty Florida palmetto bug! YUCK!

But back to spiders being intergalactic…I think the same thing has happen with spiders…

Now for those of you who think they are beautiful…so be it…that is your opinion!

If you have ever seen a bite of a brown recluse, you just might change your mind. HELLO…your skin rotes off and it leave a volcano of a hole. It is really horrible!
If you have ever looked at a wolf spider and seen its fangs…YIPES!

If you have ever seen a spider take down it’s prey…real scary…

If you have ever been in Texas during June {mating season} when the tarantulas are everywhere looking for other tarantulas…well they are so big there you can hear their bodies crack when your truck rides over them…like crabs, during their mating season, in south Florida!

The fact being is…that I do not like spiders…so be warned all you multi-legged creatures…if you are in MY house you are going to be a DEAD SPIDER! Bad karma or not!

Here is an interesting site that I found on spiders…the pics are great as well..

Well folks, that is my opinion on intergalactic spiders! I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS! If you are wondering what brought this rant on…I know someone who recently got bite by a brown recluse…he is in the hospital right now! And today, I just found one on my back porch…too bad he didn’t know how to read…because RAID did him in!