pregnant400×300.gifIt has come to my attention that there is a whole, wide world of sex on line…

Recently, I was approached by someone asking for cyber sex…sex on line.
And this was from someone who I didn’t even know, had never even spoken too.

Well, now…here is an interesting concept…sex with out emotional contact…physical contact.

I supposed it has it’s place.

There must be as there are sites everywhere for this cyber activity.

And even though your computer can get viruses…I don’t think that STD’s can be transmitted thru cyber space…so that would be safe.

Have we come to a point in history where we don’t need each other any more?
Has intimacy gone to the four winds? The interaction of human to human disappearing?

And what about the moral issues?
Is it cheating on your significant other?

What would Jesus do? I just can’t see the Disciples and Jesus in a Cyber Cafe drinking a vanilla mocha latte’ and having sex on line!

And just how is this finalized…do you go and get one of those word speak/type programs so you can have your hands free???

What would foreplay be with sex on line…where would the romance be…????
Would a minute man be even quicker????

MY mind does not what to think about what will happen when robots are in every house hold! TMI !

I am guessing that the men vs women ideas on sex on line will be totally different…I can’t wait to see your comments

I imagine that every issue out there has it’s pros and cons…ME…I am voting a big fat NO on this one…NO Sex on line for this Baby Boomer…What about you Cyber Baby Boomers…out there…what is your take on “sex on line”…I welcome your opinions!