This rant is my responce to one of Cananda’s talk shows…the link to that is…

and MY RANT is…

I had a friend send me this blog…because he knows that I could not sit still for this travesty…since when was good nutrition bad for you or why is it being made fun of and ridiculed? Since when was something else besides a pharmaceutical bad for you…since when was thinking outside the box bad for you…

I did not see this show but I can tell by the information that it was totally one sided and therefore NOT informative!

Most people are lead by large pharmaceuticals into believing that their product is a cure all…then why are we losing our loved ones by the thousands each year? Why are the side effects worse then some of the disease? Why is it that a blue pill was manufactured to make male penises get hard before they cured cancer…PROFIT that is the game! Why hasn’t the common cold cure all been discovered before the little blue pill??? PROFIT! Why are senior citizens eating dog food to be able to buy the pharmaceutical medicines that are needed to help enhance their lives….PROFIT

Listen to some of the commercials on TV…those of you who watch the idiot tube!

Listen to what the side effects are…read the information the pharmacist gives you…there is a reason for that…it holds them not responsible for possibly killing you.

The Medical Field is NOT an exact science and if it were why do Physicians say “lets try this first and see if it works…there have been good results…only to come back and try the next drug and see if it works…

Having a terminal illness I know for a fact that there isn’t a cure all…but good nutrition is not harmful or stupid or inexpensive.

We are made up of water and minerals and we are what we eat. It is that simple…you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out…natural juices are healthy for you how many of you out there ate 5-8 fruits today??? That is what it takes with todays fruit products to balance our systems, nutritionally.

For those of you who read the bible I don’t remember Moses or another predominate people in the bible going to the drug store and putting their children on Ridlin {hope I spelled that correct…but my point is that even your children ARE NOT SAFE!} or dosing themselves in the grave!…And I do believe that they lived longer than we are now. Hundreds of years…NO MEDS!!!! Natural Medicine!

Our world is full of antitoxins and even the air that we breath is bad for us…our fruit is picked too early and gased to become ripen…it is given to the public without their knowledge…eggs are kept off shore in ships so that the expiration date is in compliance with in the FDA. Our fish are poisoned by chemicals being dumped so that even tuna has a large amount of chemicals that are harmful to us.

Yet there are you out there who criticize natural medicines and promote the poisons that the pharmaceuticals are shoving down your throat.

I feel sorry for the mass population who are herded by the millions into believing that pharmaceuticals have the only sure cure all for you…I see you every day…following one another likes ducks to a pond…or should I saw cows to the slaughter house!

Wake up America …you are being slowly poisoned and misguided into worse health.

Anyone who wants to know the truth and not be lead around by the nose, come to my blog which I am setting up…I welcome your comments and posts…hopefully there are still some of you out there who are free thinkers and can smell a rose or a pile of crap when you smell it!

This might seem off the wall to you…so your comments are welcome…if I save one person tonight from the Pharmaceutical companies it was worth it!

This is MY rant for the night…Smiles and world peace…