Retire In Costa Rica – Baby Boomers Improve Standard Of Living Instantly

Million of baby boomers are due to retire over the next few years and many are worried about their standard of living.

Their living longer, have not saved enough, have reduced state support and soaring medical insurance. So what can they do to maintain their standard of living?

The answer lies just 3 hours from the US. They can retire to Costa Rica and not just make ends meet, but improve their standard of living and their still close to home.

This of course is not the only reason to retire to Costa Rica. Let’s look at all the reasons If you retire to Costa Rica you get a huge advantages in cost and lifestyle:

1. Cost

One of the main reasons people first want to retire to Costa Rica is the cost. Consider this fact you can spend up to 100,000 in Florida but of you retire to Costa Rica the same lifestyle costs around a 10th of that!

When you retire to Costa Rica you pay no income taxes on foreign earned income and no capital gains taxes. You also have access to world-class medical facilities and affordable medical plans.

Property is up to 70% cheaper and property tax is just 0.25%.

You simply get more for your money and those social security checks go a lot further when you retire to Costa Rica.

2. You feel at home

This is another major reason that people retire to Costa Rica. You feel at home because its only 3 hours by direct flight and the people are friendly but there is also a huge ex pat population of Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

This means you are surrounded by epats you know, who have created a culture that is familiar.

Some people like to retire alone and blend in with the local culture others don’t. When you retire to Costa Rica you can choose which you want to do.

3. Entertainment and relaxation

You have it all in Costa Rica its one of the top adventure tourism destinations in the world. You can choose from stunning beaches, rainforest, rolling hills, volcanoes and the Pacific and Caribbean.

It’s beautiful, but unlike many other retirement destinations it has good infrastructure and great entertainment and nightlife.

These are just some of the advantages you get when you retire to Costa Rica but there are many more in this beautiful and crime free paradise country.

If you have ever thought about retiring abroad but not got round to it then Costa Rica is a good place to start. Its close home and you will feel at home, when you retire to Costa Rica. You will also be able to enjoy a lifestyle you can only dream about now.

Consider the facts and you will see why more and more baby boomers are heading south.

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