The baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age and many soon to be retirees are considering their broad retirement options – after all, if families have flown the nest and employment is no longer something one need consider, what’s stopping more people from retiring abroad and generally seeking a more exciting, affordable or enjoyable way of life?

This only begs the question about where to retire abroad to – there are of course endless possibilities!

A new survey has been conducted in the UK about where in the world British retirees are relocating to, and more often than not there are similarities between the destinations British baby boomers choose and reasons for their choices and the locations that Northern Americans and Europeans choose.

For example, the number one location for British expatriates is Australia – this is because the main language spoken is English, the climate is far more attractive than the British climate and the standard of living is high. These factors drive an overwhelming number of people’s choices.

First things first the lack of a language barrier – it seems that many of us are reluctant to or unsure about learning another language, but this can limit our choices to nations around the world where English is widely understood. So, why not consider learning a foreign language such as Spanish before even planning retirement? Having a foreign language under your belt before retirement opens up many more options and Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn as it is spoken or understood in such a variety of nations from Spain to Costa Rica, from Mexico to Argentina.

Other locations chosen by British retirees seeking finer weather and a better standard of living include Florida, Spain, France, South Africa and Cyprus. For Northern Americans Florida is also a popular choice but Caribbean countries and Latin American nations are more popular choices than their European counterparts as they are more accessible to American retirees.

Accessibility is an important concern when looking at where in the world to live because we all have family and friends and commitments and ties back home that we will sometimes want to keep in touch with and revisit…furthermore, if you move abroad to live in a country where the weather is fine and the standard of living is good, it won’t be long before old friends and family members will want to come and visit you! Accessibility is an important consideration when looking at where to retire to therefore.

Other countries that British retirees favour all have a lower cost of living but decent infrastructure and services highlighting that the majority of us prefer a little comfort and stability in our lives at all stages of our lives – whether that means having access to decent health care services or just a reliable transport system and a stable government.

If you’re planning your retirement or you just want to take some time out and move abroad and be an expatriate for a while, think carefully about what’s important to you personally in terms of where you live – for example, do you need to be close to an airport, does fine weather mean more to you than a high standard of living, where can you afford to live, where would you like to live…and if you’re going to be travelling overseas with a spouse or additional family members, don’t forget to take their ideas and thoughts into account!

Rhiannon Williamson writes about living and working overseas and living life as an expatriate, to read more about starting a new life abroad visit her site http://www.shelteroffshore.com